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Fantasy for Hire ~ Event Entertainment

SOME of our themes available!

We say SOME, because we are adding new people, genres and personalities constantly. Check back often, or just contact us, we will be happy to assemble any not shown or added just yet to suit all your personal needs.

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One of our most popular offerings! Who doesn't love the scurvy scalliwags of the seas? We offer single performers such as Captain Teague, Father of Jack Sparrow from POTC 3, 4 and soon to be 5, Jack Sparrow himself, the undead pirate Jolly Roger (complete with animated zombie monkey) and any amount of performers  up to a full crew of entertainment including flashing stunt swordfighters, black powder pistoleers and cannoneers, even a real pirate ship!

(Ship charter subject to availability. Average 90 days advance reservation and full deposit required. We will TRY to work with less notice, but no guarantees, this IS our most popular offering after all )


That word often brings to mind in the hearts and minds of many of Chivalrous Knights, Fair Maidens, Royalty and Court Jesters...









Eccentric gadgeteers, tinkerers, builders of all shapes and sizes of machinery are on hand to amaze and delight with their steam powered technology.









Thoughts of Fairy Folk and Mermaids galore. Perhaps Dragons (yes, we even have one of those! ) Wood Elves, Dwarves, Mongols  and darker folk, Drow Elves, Mischievous Imps or perhaps even Valkyries to bear one to Valhalla should they be worthy of defeating the darker races. If you look carefully, you may even catch a glimpse of a Green Man, one of the European Forest Lords and Deities well known in England and yes, even Mother Nature herself to bless all of your gatherings. We have them one and all for your pleasure and amusement.



Need a lookalike? How about Johnny Depp? We have him! Rob Zombie? We have him too! And many others!









SCARY guys... like Undead Pirates, Zombies, Skeleton Warriors and many many more designed to chill and thrill...









How about a Pirate Santa for your next holiday party?  We've got a doozy!  Halloween?  Solstice?  Whatever your celebration we can add a special touch that will not be forgotten.