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Are you an established performer? Or just always wanted to be one? We never stop actively bringing in new performers and new blood so that we can have as many entertainers available and in all the genres we possibly can to service as many locations as we possibly can upon request. And we would prefer to have available "crew" located all around the state of Florida, hopefully soon the continental U.S. as well. Drop us a line at: 

...and let's talk.

Single applicants or Full Crews, Groups/Troupes/Performance Artists - whatever you call yourselves, all are considered. Please include a performance resume (if you have experience) and at least two good pictures of yourself. Professional References are a plus.

(Positions will be on an "On Call" basis and pay is per event, no weekly or salaried positions are available. No offers of steady work or constant employment are implied. Certain bookings may be required to submit to a background check.)



 The Mission plan of Chameleon Enterprises (hereafter referred to as CE ) is to have the finest group of entertainers we can possibly gather for as many types of events as we can create or design.     

      There are no membership fees but management reserves the right to enact a 15% agent/booking fee from any events booking fees if they so choose. Anyone can join or leave CE at any time. However we expect that during the period you are affiliated/employed with CE that you will allow the company to solely represent you in all business of entertainment and you will refer any and all booking inquiries to management immediately unless an agreement is reached beforehand between CE and yourself in writing.

You furthermore agree to be wholly responsible for your own personal safety, understand that accidents can and sometimes do happen and agree to release CE from any liability in the case of accident.

     Unless agreements are made in writing, soliciting private personal contracts (solo), contracting privately with any company that CE  is currently, annually, recently (within the past year ) or is in current negotiations with shall be considered breach of contract/conflict of interest and you will be removed from the roster of this company, no exceptions. Anyone representing CE on their own or otherwise conducting any type business without express permission or authorization from management will also be removed from our rosters, again, no exceptions.

     Should you be removed from the company roster or if you should choose to leave, you also agree not to attempt bookings with any currently CE contracted customers (see above) for a period of one year to avoid a conflict of interest.

     Self proclaimed affiliation, public promotion of your person by CE or your attendance/participation as CE staff at any event will be considered as your VERBAL CONTRACT acceptance of these terms and conditions. CE may require you to sign a paper contract at any time during your association with the company at their discretion.